3DOM Inc. Announces Acquisition of All Stock of Kaula, Inc.

TOKYO, October 30, 2019 – 3DOM, Inc. (“3DOM”), a provider of battery technology and battery solutions for the electrification of next-generation transportation infrastructure, today announced that it has acquired all the outstanding stock of Kaula, Inc. (“Kaula”), following a Board of Directors resolution on October 29, 2019. The transfer of ownership was completed today and Kaula will now be a wholly owned subsidiary of 3DOM.

Kaula is a blockchain development and consulting company based in Tokyo, Japan, that is lead by CEO Katsuji Okamoto. He will continue as CEO of Kaula following the acquisition, bringing a wealth of experience and insight on blockchain technology and other database applications to 3DOM.

With the acquisition, Kaula’s research efforts to create its blockchain platform “Fusion”, and the “Battery Residual Value Prediction System,” or BRVPS, will join with 3DOM’s next generation battery to help achieve our grand vision of a battery Internet of Things (IoT).

The battery IoT envisioned by 3DOM will digitally transform every aspect of the battery’s lifecycle, allowing for a “Battery as a Service,” while also allowing valuable data to be utilized in various fields of research. 

3DOM aims to elevate the battery to become a critical part of social infrastructure. 3DOM expects that the acquisition of Kaula will help bring 3DOM closer to achieving this goal.

About 3DOM

3DOM began in 2014 as a university-originated entrepreneurial venture company at Tokyo Metropolitan University that aimed at reducing the deterioration of lithium ion batteries (LIB) and lithium metal batteries. With advanced battery technology at its core, 3DOM strives to resolve energy issues and build sustainable societies by researching, developing, and designing next-generation batteries, and by deploying on a global scale business models that utilize such technologies. 3DOM has already established a subsidiary in the U.S. focused on electrifying marine vessels in North America, as well as a joint venture with Yamada Denki that strives to expand into the automotive segment.