KAULA just joined Mobility Open Blockchain Initiative (MOBI)!

KAULA INC. is excited to announce our new membership with Mobility Open Blockchain Initiative (MOBI)! As a member of MOBI, we will be joining a global consortium of over 100 member companies, including many of the world’s largest automakers and mobility ecosystem players, along with a wide variety of players in the mobility and blockchain space.

We support MOBI’s mission to promote and advance standards and accelerate adoption of blockchain and distributed ledger technology. As mobility pursues traceability and value prediction for rechargeable batteries utilizing blockchain technology, KAULA expects its deep knowledge of rechargeable batteries and their applications to contribute meaningfully to MOBI and the ecosystem. Together we hope to make mobility services more efficient, affordable, greener, safer and less congested. Look out for more updates from all of us at MOBI!

“Application of blockchain solutions specific to the challenges faced by such as Electric Vehicles to Grid Integration and Tokenization is a vast space, and we are excited for the opportunity for KAULA and MOBI to collaborate in advancing the future of blockchain in the transport and mobility industry. Also, we are very happy with KAULA’s joining to MOBI community in Japan where the country’s interest in blockchain has been increasing rapidly.” said Sanshiro Fukao, Board Member of MOBI and it’s Community Lead in Japan.

About MOBI

MOBI is a nonprofit foundation formed to accelerate the adoption and to promote standards in blockchain, distributed technologies for the benefit of the mobility industry, consumers, and communities. MOBI and our partners are creating simple, standard and digital ways of identifying cars, people, and trips, of paying for mobility services, and securely exchanging and monetizing data in ways that preserve property rights and privacy.

MOBI is an open, inclusive body that acts as a ‘trusted convened’ and partner to entities in the emerging ecosystem of pay for use, on demand, connected, and increasingly autonomous mobility services. MOBI itself is technology and ledger agnostic. For additional information about joining MOBI, please reach out to Erika Pingatore, erika@dlt.mobi or visit www.dlt.mobi.

Media Contact: Melina Mae Castorillo, Communications

Email: communication@dlt.mobi | Twitter: @dlt.mobi


In collaboration with leading companies and organizations in the global blockchain area, KAULA has provided consulting services for blockchain application building, development of services regarding record management and the IoT field, and blockchain education. Beyond these, KAULA strongly supports and continues to contribute towards “Digital Transformation (Dx)” innovations through promoting their deployments worldwide.

Contact: Satoshi Nishida, CMO
Email: snishida@kaula.jp
URL: https://kaula.jp/