Kaula Laboratory

Kaula Laboratory is an organization to execute research and development of blockchain applications, because blockchain is still in the age of dawn. And most applications need other technology, such as IoT and AI in addition to blockchain, so that well integration should be considered.



KAULA developed Battery Residual Value Prediction System (BRVPS) of EV which dynamically calculates State of Health (SOH) of a battery pack and predicts its future residual value. When we publish prediction of residual value data in the blockchain, battery owners and users can obtain a battery with appropriate SOH in the Battery Exchange Market. Pieces of information including battery ID, producer ID, owner ID and user ID along with authentication, settlement, smart key authentication can be shared in every step of manufacturing, attachment, delivery, exchange, diversion, maintenance and disposal of batteries. They are stored in a blockchain, a distributed ledger technology and fully guaranteed with authenticity and security. We also provide write, inquiry and search APIs necessary for authentication, settlement, smart key distribution and matching throughout battery’s full life cycle.

Wanxiang Smart City Global Blockchain Challenge Award 2017-09-15@Syanghig


TCDM stand for ” Traceable Certificate Data Marketplace which is a kind of Data Lake.


under development

Medical Passport

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