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Kaula is a business platform provider (BPP) that provides value through circular economy platform development and consulting with the goal of laying the foundation for a digital revolution through the use of blockchain technology.

Beyond these, Kaula as an ESG company strongly supports and continues to contribute towards “Digital Transformation (DX)” innovations through promoting their deployments worldwide.

…One cold winter day of 2016, experienced IT guys kept heads together to see digital revolution which was happening in New York, San Francisco, Berlin and Shanghai, and believed that was what they should do.  They finally founded ‘Kaula’ and wanted to contribute to making rich, free and creative society in the world.

Alliance & Partner

  • The possibility of blockchain technology enables the distribution of proven data between multiple actors for creating new value.
  • By constructing a value exchange platform, we will be able to address the Life Cycle Management such as the carbon emissions trading, green energy optimization.

Three years ago, unfortunately, there was no community in Japan that was familiar with blockchain core technology, and there were very few experts in the field.

Kaula is actively participating in overseas communities and focused on the non-financial sector. In May 2017, joined the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance as an initial member, in 2020 we also join the MOBI, the power and energy-focused community EWF and the world’s largest technical professional organization IEEE SA P2418.5 WG (Blockchain in Energy). Now Kaula works in collaboration with the world’s leading companies.


Actions to achieve the mission

  1. Make contributions to the revolution
    • Accelerate  Digital Transformation (DX)
  2. Catch up with the revolution and develop people’s capability
    • Plan and promote experiments through “Kaula Lab“.
  3. Supply the infrastructure

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