Taro Nakata Appointed Chief Business Officer (CBO)

Mr. Nakata will manage Kaula’s alliances and marketing direction, provide strong leadership, and guide the company’s business strategy in collaboration with the management team for expansion in the circular economy sphere.

Taro Nakata | CBO

Mr. Nakata is experienced in sales support system development and operations at major pharmaceutical companies. He has built and operated a number of sales support systems, mainly pharmaceutical sales data cleansing and related master management systems, at multiple pharmaceutical companies. He has participated in projects with UK companies in the railroad and automotive industries and has extensive cross-industry experience in ICT engineering and business. He will utilize this experience to promote blockchain use as EV Battery Residual Value Prediction System (BRVPS) project manager.

[About Kaula]
Kaula is a business platform provider (BPP) that provides value through circular economy platform development and consulting with the goal of laying the foundation for a digital revolution through the use of blockchain technology.