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Now that Digital Transformation realizes disruptive innovations, Kaula develops solutions based upon Blockchain technology.


The following four technologies accelerate Digital Transformation which is undergoing to change our society and business.
Internet of Things
Bigdata Analytics
AI : Machine Learning / Deep Learning

Among them, Kaula puts extra focus on Blockchain and IoT to make our society smarter.

About Kaula Labs

Kaula Laboratory is an organization to execute research and development of blockchain applications, because blockchain is still in the age of dawn. And most applications need other technology, such as IoT and AI in addition to blockchain, so that well integration should be considered.

Kaula Labs has following programs with partners:
・KAULA Blockchain Meetup as study of ideas
・PoC/MVE as verification of ideas
・Platform as implementation of ideas
You can apply Kaula Labs from here .

Partners & Alliances

Kaula is building a global ecosystem with partners or strategic alliance members to yield win-win relationship.



KAHM (Osaka, Japan) has a strong relationship with high tech companies in UK and EU.



EPFC (Edge Platform Consortium) is a smart edge computing consortium which handles sensors, IoT devices and their systems, coordinated by Device & System Platform Development Center, Kawasaki.


EEA (Enterprise Ethereum Alliance).
Kaula joined EEA May 2017.




Now that disruptive innovations are required, IT veterans and talented young people together founded a company in January, 2017 and named it Kaula which means chains or connect.

Kaula develops solutions using Blockchain, applies Blockchain to IoT and provides breakthrough application platforms.