Kaula joined Enterprise Ethereum Alliance.

Enterprise Ethereum Alliance (EEA)  announced that Kaula joined EEA as its formal member at the Consensus 2017 held at New York on May 22.

EEA aims to achieve the following five goals to promote Ethereum used in enterprise environment.

  1. Develop a sufficiently modular Ethereum implementation to separate and define clear interfaces between networking and storage layers – that is a prototype for pluggable consensus that minimizes the code changes required to switch consensus algorithms.
  2. Experiment with potential consensus algorithms, along with data privacy and permissioning frameworks.
  3. Develop a clear set of capabilities and performance characteristics that suit the needs of enterprises, including:
    1. 100 transactions per second, across a 10 party network
    2. High volume and value use cases
    3. High availability/reliability
    4. Parallelization and horizontal scaling
  4. Develop a Version 1 specification for Enterprise Ethereum, based on the learnings from the above plus the roadmap and requirements gathered from members, i.e., produce a reference implementation.
  5. Leverage a robust governance process to ensure alignment and agreement on approaches.

Please see also the original press release → enterprise-ethereum-alliance-release