Press release: a joint development with Atrris

Kaula Inc. and Atrris Corporation have formed a joint development of a usage record management system utilizing Factom’s blockchain solution

The initiative will retain record authenticity and tamper resistance to data processing of the Japanese social security system.

TOKYO, JAPAN (June 13, 2017) – Kaula Incorporated (Head office: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director, Katsuji Okamoto), a blockchain platformer, is pleased to announce that Kaula and Atrris Co., Ltd. (Head office: Setagaya-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director, Masanori Yasumitsu), who has been developing personnel, payment, accounting and medical logistics systems, have agreed to jointly develop a “usage record management system” against data involved in the above applications using Factom blockchain. Using this system, you can retain authenticity and tamper resistance of log records generated when the Japanese social security system’s data is processed – when information is added, updated, deleted or retrieved in mission-critical applications. Kaula and Atrris will also jointly promote business around the usage record management system.

Background of Collaboration

Recently, blockchain technology has received attention because of its great potential to drastically change the way we do business and the impact it will have on society. Blockchain has become the solution requested to achieve record authenticity or tamper resistance against processed results in mission-critical applications that Atrris develops. Kaula and Atrris have been investigating ways to conquer this requirement, where they use their knowledge combined with Factom’s blockchain technology, a data layer blockchain product, for use cases that office staff of local government access data of the Japanese social security number system. Now that Kaula and Atrris have completed a PoC (Proof of Concept) and confirmed that their jointly developed usage record management system can retain log record authenticity or tamper resistance, both companies will proceed to a next step of experimental proof with their customers, and then will apply the system to business applications.
In addition, by using Factom you can more securely and surely manage, track and audit various kinds of documents or records such as log records in general, loan records, securities or insurance contracts and medical data and others in a decentralized way than legacy centralized systems. Kaula and Atrris will widely and jointly promote the usage record management system to these business areas.

Note: Factom is a blockchain framework developed and provided by Factom, Inc. whose head office is located in Austin, TX, USA. Factom is on a mission to give the world’s systems authenticity. People and institutions today can solve hard problems and change the world for the better when they have a reliable framework to build upon. Factom frees up dead capital, which allows companies to grow and helps people to better utilization of social capital.

About Atrris Corporation

Through many experiences of directly meeting customer needs along with customers’ business analysis and development of their applications for 20 years, Atrris developed and accumulated its proprietary business analysis know-how, provides business analysis consulting, develops mission-critical applications for various kinds of business sectors and supplies supporting services to build an enterprise system that includes infrastructure design around the system as well as business system design.

About Kaula, Inc.

Now that disruptive innovation is required, management team with extensive experiences in wide-ranging business and talented young people gathered and founded a company in January 2017 to support corporate reform with new solutions. Based on blockchain technology, Kaula develops services in the field of record management, IoT and other applications as a breakthrough platformer that reforms life and industrial structure as well as companies’. Kaula also adds AI technology to its solutions in order to improve effectiveness of blockchain-based applications.

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