Kaula develops DataWallet

Kaula develops DataWallet
to manage Blockchain dApps and eWallet

Tokyo, 2018.12.3.     Kaula Inc., a Distributed Ledger Technology company (HQ: Tokyo, Japan, CEO: Katsuji Okamoto) is pleased to announce its developing DataWallet.  Under a circumstance that Blockchain applications are almost ready to be used for industries, accessibility to an application as well as usability of application itself becomes important, that is how easy to access and start my applications and manage my private data. DataWallet is a dApp which invokes dApps of blockchain that an individual user holds, and which is self-sovereign governed by each user.

DataWallet has an ERC20 wallet in its center to manage operation and control of value transition between entities, that is one of the core natures of blockchain. It also holds a set of dApps information in the MyDapps Directory, including user private data that will be referred by the dApp, location (because dApp does not necessarily run on the same device) and config/init data of the dApp.  All data are symbolically stored and converted to the unique ID via a name services like ENS. As user authentication uPort is used as default.
It is planned that you can purchase dApps through Apps Store and relevant information is stored into the MyApps Directory.

Fig.1 DataWallet and its execution

DataWallet was originally considered for applications of ABCC (Automotive Blockchain Consortium) and was greatly upgraded to be a general model of DataWallet. It can be used for various situations including
(1) DataWallet on a Smart Phone for personal use
(2) DataWallet on PCs for enterprise application execution
(3) DataWallet on an edge computer in an automotive vehicle for IoT applications

A beta release of DataWallet will launch in early 2019, and its usability to be examined by several blockchain applications.
Further development is also planned to support Interoperability of blockchain applications even in limited environments.
About Kaula Inc. 
Head office: 2-9 Kanda Jimbocho, Chiyoda, Tokyo
Business:    Consulting services of digital transformation, development of blockchain application services around data management and IoT for leading companies and organizations, and blockchain education business
– Enterprise Ethereum Alliance (EEA)
– Edge Platform Consortium (EPFC)
– Automotive Blockchain Consortium (ABCC)
URL: https://kaula.jp/

Contact: info@kaula.jp