Kaula supplies Fusion Reference Implementation 1.0

Kaula Inc., a Distributed Ledger Technology company(HQ: Tokyo  Japan, CEO: Katsuji Okamoto) is pleased to announce Fusion Reference Implementation (“RI” hereafter) 1.0 which is a set of source codes and associated design materials of Ethereum smart contracts and dApps (distributed applications).

RI 1.0 has been constructed through Kaula’s application design and development experiences including BRVPS (an automotive blockchain system) which has EV Battery Charging Payment and EV Battery Trading applications. 

A sample of EV battery application

RI is a kind of sample smart contracts and dApp programs for real usage. Using it, you can only modify and/or add your application-specific programs in order to quickly develop your blockchain applications.

You can also apply the RI 1.0 to other fields than EV Battery or automotive applications, because RI is made up with the structure of core (common or application independent) and app-specific parts.  

Kaula will also extend and add other design patterns to the Reference Implementation.

For more detailed information on RI 1.0 available for potential customers who have experienced PoC of blockchain applications and need some development environment, please contact us from here .